04/27/2014 - Series: The Bibles Plot
Pastor Ken explores the larger plot line of scripture in his book, The Bible's Plot: Connecting the Bible's Story to Your Story. In this final session, you'll hear about God's plan to include all of us in carrying out God's mission. This audio file is the first half of the class session.


Series: Communication in a Changing World
Loving Your Primary Neighbor (02/08/2015)
YouTube and GodTube (02/01/2015)
Communicating When Conflict Arises Part I (01/25/2015)
Communicating When Conflict Arises Part II (01/25/2015)
Can You Hear Me Now (01/11/2015)

Series: Food and Faith
Food, Community, and Justice (10/07/2012)
One Response to Hunger: An Interview with Dr. Howard Wilcox (10/03/2012)

Series: Four Voices on Forgiveness
Forgiveness After a Time of Terror (03/20/2016)
Forgiveness in a Small and Global Sense (03/06/2016)
Jerry Sittser, Biblical Perspectives on Forgiveness (02/28/2016)

Series: Isaiah the Advent Prophet
Isaiah the Advent Prophet Part II (12/13/2015)
Isaiah the Advent Prophet Part I (12/06/2015)

Series: Listening to the Voice of the Stranger
Homeless and Invisible (11/10/2013)
Safety in a Foreign Land (11/03/2013)
"Seeking Religious Freedom" (10/27/2013)
Sexuality, Gender, and Change (10/20/2013)
Serving the Country Outside the Country (10/13/2013)
Navigating Adolescence (10/06/2013)
Coming of Age on the Streets (09/22/2013)
World Relief Presentation with Refugee Testimonies (09/15/2013)

Series: Moving Out of the Darkness.Mental Health
A Theology of Wellness Part II (02/14/2016)
A Theology of Wellness Part III (02/14/2016)
A Theology of Wellness (02/07/2016)
Defining and Identifying Mental Illness (01/24/2016)
Healing and Hope for Those Affected by Suicide (01/17/2016)

Series: Our Religious Neighbors
Unity Church Guest Speaker (04/13/2011)
Christian Science Class Reflections (04/03/2011)
Christian Science Guest Speaker (03/27/2011)
Christian Science History and Theology (03/13/2011)
Jehovahs Witness Guest Panel (02/23/2011)
Jehovahs Witness History and Beliefs (02/13/2011)
LDS Guest Speakers (02/02/2011)
LDS Church: Session 2 (01/23/2011)
LDS Church: Session 1 (01/16/2011)
Our Religious Neighbors - Intro Session by Dale Soden (01/10/2011)

Series: Practicing Christianity in a Volatile World: ISIS Reflections
Roland Madany Reflections on ISIS Part I (11/15/2015)
Roland Madany Reflections on ISIS Part II (11/15/2015)
Roland Madany Reflections on ISIS Part III (11/15/2015)
Galgalo Guyo on Faith Differences (11/08/2015)
Shari Monson Reflections on Religious Extremism in the Middle East (11/01/2015)
Shannon Dunn on Islam and Religious Extremism (10/25/2015)
Raja Tanas Reflections on ISIS (10/18/2015)

Series: Prayer
Becoming a House of Prayer, Praying for Others Without Losing Heart, Part II (04/14/2013)
Becoming a House of Prayer Part I (03/10/2013)

Series: Presbyterian Belief: Reformed Christian Theology
Heaven, Hell, Hope? (12/15/2010)
Wine Water Wheat: The Sacraments (12/08/2010)
Bible Thumping and Door Knocking: The Church and Mission (12/01/2010)
The Holy Spirit: Do Presbyterians Have Spirit or Do They Just Drink Them? (11/21/2010)
How Did Jesus Death Save Us: Theories of Atonement (11/14/2010)
Fully Human Fully God: The Person of Jesus Christ (11/07/2010)
Why Pray: The Will of God and Humanitys Role (10/24/2010)
Humanity in the Dark: Providence and Evil (10/13/2010)
Are You Saved or Are You Presbyterian: Gods Electing Grace (10/03/2010)
The Trinity (09/26/2010)
Introduction to Reformed Theology and the Bible (09/19/2010)

Series: Pursuing Peace in the Middle East
The Descendants of Abraham Through Arab Christian Eyes (02/17/2013)
Palestine, Islam, and Politics (01/27/2013)
Israel, Land, and Temple in a New Testament Perspective (01/20/2013)

Series: Reality Discipleship: Witnesses Among Us
Questioning and Believing (03/25/2012)
Managing Money (03/18/2012)
Life After Divorce (03/11/2012)
Faith Like a Child (03/04/2012)
Living with Blindness (02/29/2012)
Personal Encounters with God (02/19/2012)
Discrimination and Identity (02/12/2012)
Facing Illness and Death (02/05/2012)
Living with Mental Illness - Wednesday (02/01/2012)
Living With Mental Illness (01/29/2012)
Living with Disability (01/22/2012)
Farming and Faith (01/15/2012)
Leadership and Sense of Call (01/11/2012)

Series: Same Sex Marriage
Same Sex Marriage Book Discussion (10/04/2015)
What Does Our Constitution Say About Marriage (09/27/2015)
Five Views on Same Gender Relationships in the Church (09/20/2015)
Presbyterians, Homosexuality, and the Bible (09/26/2011)

Series: Special Forums
The Genealogy of a Church - Confusing Truth and Power (05/02/2012)
The Journey of a Lifetime: Mahler and his Resurrection Symphony (04/22/2012)
Take This Bread Book Discussion (04/03/2012)
Love Wins: A Book Discussion (11/16/2011)

Series: The Bibles Plot
Plan C: Including YOU (audio of second half) (04/26/2014)
Plan A: What Went Wrong (02/23/2014)

Series: Time, Talents, Technology
Environmental Stewardship in a Consumer World (11/02/2014)
Taming the Monster of More: The Theology Behind Disciplined Giving (10/26/2014)
Jerry Sittser on Talents and Vocation (10/19/2014)
Vocation Panel 2 (10/12/2014)
Vocation Panel 1 (09/28/2014)

Series: Ways We Worship
Lutheran Worship (11/04/2012)
Roman Catholicism with Father Craig Hightower (10/28/2012)

Series: Welcoming Change with Grace
Parenting Parents and Other Shifts in the Roles We Play (02/09/2014)
Eras of Change and Transition in the Bible (02/02/2014)
Acceptance, Initiative, and Discernment (01/26/2014)
For Everything a Season: Identifying Change (01/19/2014)

Series: What Difference Does Jesus Make?
Who Do YOU Say That I Am? (11/20/2011)
Jesus Panel (11/13/2011)
He is Risen! (11/06/2011)
The Death of Jesus (10/30/2011)
The Exclusive Claims of Jesus (10/23/2011)
Jesus As Grace Embodied (10/16/2011)
Jesus Social Network (10/09/2011)
Jesus as Teacher (10/02/2011)
God in the Flesh (09/28/2011)
How We Know What We Know About Jesus - with Fr. Michael Cook (09/18/2011)
Images of Jesus (09/11/2011)