11/02/2014 - Series: Time, Talents, Technology
Whitworth Theology Professor Jonathan Moo talks through the necessity of being a steward of the environnment and what it takes to live out this call.


Series: Communication in a Changing World
Loving Your Primary Neighbor (02/08/2015)
YouTube and GodTube (02/01/2015)
Communicating When Conflict Arises Part I (01/25/2015)
Communicating When Conflict Arises Part II (01/25/2015)
Can You Hear Me Now (01/11/2015)

Series: Food and Faith
Food, Community, and Justice (10/07/2012)
One Response to Hunger: An Interview with Dr. Howard Wilcox (10/03/2012)

Series: Four Voices on Forgiveness
Forgiveness After a Time of Terror (03/20/2016)
Forgiveness in a Small and Global Sense (03/06/2016)
Jerry Sittser, Biblical Perspectives on Forgiveness (02/28/2016)

Series: Isaiah the Advent Prophet
Isaiah the Advent Prophet Part II (12/13/2015)
Isaiah the Advent Prophet Part I (12/06/2015)

Series: Listening to the Voice of the Stranger
Homeless and Invisible (11/10/2013)
Safety in a Foreign Land (11/03/2013)
"Seeking Religious Freedom" (10/27/2013)
Sexuality, Gender, and Change (10/20/2013)
Serving the Country Outside the Country (10/13/2013)
Navigating Adolescence (10/06/2013)
Coming of Age on the Streets (09/22/2013)
World Relief Presentation with Refugee Testimonies (09/15/2013)

Series: Moving Out of the Darkness.Mental Health
A Theology of Wellness Part II (02/14/2016)
A Theology of Wellness Part III (02/14/2016)
A Theology of Wellness (02/07/2016)
Defining and Identifying Mental Illness (01/24/2016)
Healing and Hope for Those Affected by Suicide (01/17/2016)

Series: Our Religious Neighbors
Unity Church Guest Speaker (04/13/2011)
Christian Science Class Reflections (04/03/2011)
Christian Science Guest Speaker (03/27/2011)
Christian Science History and Theology (03/13/2011)
Jehovahs Witness Guest Panel (02/23/2011)
Jehovahs Witness History and Beliefs (02/13/2011)
LDS Guest Speakers (02/02/2011)
LDS Church: Session 2 (01/23/2011)
LDS Church: Session 1 (01/16/2011)
Our Religious Neighbors - Intro Session by Dale Soden (01/10/2011)

Series: Practicing Christianity in a Volatile World: ISIS Reflections
Roland Madany Reflections on ISIS Part I (11/15/2015)
Roland Madany Reflections on ISIS Part II (11/15/2015)
Roland Madany Reflections on ISIS Part III (11/15/2015)
Galgalo Guyo on Faith Differences (11/08/2015)
Shari Monson Reflections on Religious Extremism in the Middle East (11/01/2015)
Shannon Dunn on Islam and Religious Extremism (10/25/2015)
Raja Tanas Reflections on ISIS (10/18/2015)

Series: Prayer
Becoming a House of Prayer, Praying for Others Without Losing Heart, Part II (04/14/2013)
Becoming a House of Prayer Part I (03/10/2013)

Series: Presbyterian Belief: Reformed Christian Theology
Heaven, Hell, Hope? (12/15/2010)
Wine Water Wheat: The Sacraments (12/08/2010)
Bible Thumping and Door Knocking: The Church and Mission (12/01/2010)
The Holy Spirit: Do Presbyterians Have Spirit or Do They Just Drink Them? (11/21/2010)
How Did Jesus Death Save Us: Theories of Atonement (11/14/2010)
Fully Human Fully God: The Person of Jesus Christ (11/07/2010)
Why Pray: The Will of God and Humanitys Role (10/24/2010)
Humanity in the Dark: Providence and Evil (10/13/2010)
Are You Saved or Are You Presbyterian: Gods Electing Grace (10/03/2010)
The Trinity (09/26/2010)
Introduction to Reformed Theology and the Bible (09/19/2010)

Series: Pursuing Peace in the Middle East
The Descendants of Abraham Through Arab Christian Eyes (02/17/2013)
Palestine, Islam, and Politics (01/27/2013)
Israel, Land, and Temple in a New Testament Perspective (01/20/2013)

Series: Reality Discipleship: Witnesses Among Us
Questioning and Believing (03/25/2012)
Managing Money (03/18/2012)
Life After Divorce (03/11/2012)
Faith Like a Child (03/04/2012)
Living with Blindness (02/29/2012)
Personal Encounters with God (02/19/2012)
Discrimination and Identity (02/12/2012)
Facing Illness and Death (02/05/2012)
Living with Mental Illness - Wednesday (02/01/2012)
Living With Mental Illness (01/29/2012)
Living with Disability (01/22/2012)
Farming and Faith (01/15/2012)
Leadership and Sense of Call (01/11/2012)

Series: Same Sex Marriage
Same Sex Marriage Book Discussion (10/04/2015)
What Does Our Constitution Say About Marriage (09/27/2015)
Five Views on Same Gender Relationships in the Church (09/20/2015)
Presbyterians, Homosexuality, and the Bible (09/26/2011)

Series: Special Forums
The Genealogy of a Church - Confusing Truth and Power (05/02/2012)
The Journey of a Lifetime: Mahler and his Resurrection Symphony (04/22/2012)
Take This Bread Book Discussion (04/03/2012)
Love Wins: A Book Discussion (11/16/2011)

Series: The Bibles Plot
Plan C: Including YOU (audio of first half) (04/27/2014)
Plan C: Including YOU (audio of second half) (04/26/2014)
Plan A: What Went Wrong (02/23/2014)

Series: Time, Talents, Technology
Taming the Monster of More: The Theology Behind Disciplined Giving (10/26/2014)
Jerry Sittser on Talents and Vocation (10/19/2014)
Vocation Panel 2 (10/12/2014)
Vocation Panel 1 (09/28/2014)

Series: Ways We Worship
Lutheran Worship (11/04/2012)
Roman Catholicism with Father Craig Hightower (10/28/2012)

Series: Welcoming Change with Grace
Parenting Parents and Other Shifts in the Roles We Play (02/09/2014)
Eras of Change and Transition in the Bible (02/02/2014)
Acceptance, Initiative, and Discernment (01/26/2014)
For Everything a Season: Identifying Change (01/19/2014)

Series: What Difference Does Jesus Make?
Who Do YOU Say That I Am? (11/20/2011)
Jesus Panel (11/13/2011)
He is Risen! (11/06/2011)
The Death of Jesus (10/30/2011)
The Exclusive Claims of Jesus (10/23/2011)
Jesus As Grace Embodied (10/16/2011)
Jesus Social Network (10/09/2011)
Jesus as Teacher (10/02/2011)
God in the Flesh (09/28/2011)
How We Know What We Know About Jesus - with Fr. Michael Cook (09/18/2011)
Images of Jesus (09/11/2011)